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Biodynamic massage differs greatly from other types of massages as it also has a focus on your mind and emotional process. An understanding of how the natural flow of energy can be trapped in the body (tissue armouring) and the potential to work towards its physical and emotional release (completion) makes biodynamic massage a truly therapeutic massage.


There is a repertoire of techniques to suit individual needs. Appointments include a brief chat to ascertain how you feel, physically and emotionally, and which treatment will be most suitable for you. You receive an individually matched massage session, but no two sessions will be exactly the same for you.

Although it can be experienced as a one off treatment it is more effective as a series of sessions, six sessions are recommended in order to notice any change in your everyday state.

I use an electronic stethoscope to listen to your gut which helps me follow what is happening in your body and adjust the technique based on your biological rhythm. I do not use oils but skin to skin contact is usually most beneficial.

I use a number of techniques which may include one of the below although there are more to choose from.

Basic Touch - a way to get to know a client through touch. Can be applied at skin, muscle or connective tissue level as a diagnostic tool.

Energy Distribution-A way to encourage the flow of energy down and out from the body. Good for anxiety or feeling 'in your head'

Emptying - used with tissue when a client is 'full' of fluid or energy. 

Palming-for when a client feels fragile or fragmented. Gives a sense of wholeness and physical boundaries.

Polarisation - Massage sessions are usually concluded on the left side with polarisation to aid 'digestion'

Many people report a release of tension, anxiety or blocked feelings as a result of a session. Increased energy and a reduction in physical symptoms such as headaches or IBS can often be felt over a number of sessions.

Longer term you may find yourself more balanced emotionally, with a greater capacity to value and trust your own body as well as a greater ability to express your needs.

Do get in touch if you would like more information. 

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