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Biodynamic body psychotherapy works with body and mind as a whole, promoting your capacity for self-regulation, and helping you to feel at home in your body.  Its aim is to enhance your natural capacity for health, wellbeing and enjoyment of life, and reconnect you to your inner essence so that you can become more fully the person you truly are.


Body Psychotherapy can be particularly supportive with any psychological issues that are body related or as a different way of exploring your inner world and your past in relation to the present.

Physical and emotional energy is understood to follow a cycle (The Emotional Vaso-Motoric Cycle) which is governed by the autonomic nervous system. 

Stimulation and emotional energy increase the charge in the sympathetic nervous system with an upward flow seeking  expression or action (discharge). 

If this expression can occur there is a subsequent downward flow which allows for a return to rest, integration and a return to equilibrium. If this flow is stopped or blocked emotional blocks and armouring can occur.

 We can work together to gently discover where you get stuck within your cycle, with the aim to gently shed the emotional blocks and armouring that stop you from living a fulfilled life. I can support you through verbal or non-verbal contact, attuned touch, imagery or movement to identify unconscious conflicts or armour that impact your day to day. 

Together we can work towards integrating repressed impulses and enable you to feel more whole, you will become more able to relate to your own inner (bio)dynamic for self healing.

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