Gerda Boyesen's theory was that the peristaltic action of the gut was a way that the body processed and released stored emotional energy and toxins. She called this ‘psycho-peristalsis’, and as such would listen to the peristalsis of her clients as she massaged them.

Biodynamic massage is suitable for anyone with stress related or psycho-physiological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, general aches and pains, arthritis, headaches, lowered immunity or those who are lacking in energy and/or motivation. It can be particularly helpful if you have digestive or inflammatory issues such as IBS or allergies.

It can also be useful if you would like to become more self aware on both a physical and emotional level as it can release old emotions that have been held in the body.


Using a stethoscope and attuned touch, Biodynamic massage supports the movement of energy through our bodies to support physical and emotional integration.



What benefits will you feel?

Many people report a release of tension, anxiety or blocked feelings as a result of a session. Increased energy and a reduction in physical symptoms such as headaches or IBS can often be felt over a number of sessions.

Longer term you may find yourself more balanced emotionally, with a greater capacity to value and trust your own body as well as a greater ability to express your needs.

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